Who We Are

100% Student Run Nonprofit Organization dedicated to bridging technology literacy gaps in marginalized communities

Our Mission

NexGen is committed to empowering future generations by connecting underprivileged students with world-class instructors and supplying them with a free, remote computer science education. We strive to engage students from marginalized groups and provide them with the resources to become the creators of tomorrow.

Our Vision

To bridge technology literacy disparities across the world giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn and grow.

Our Values

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Open to all who wants to learn and grow

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Volunteers live up to high performance standards

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Determined to teach essential technology knowledge to the underserved

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Upholding the utmost dignity of each student

Our Journey

The creation of NexGen Coding began long before its formal inception in 2021 — in fact, the idea originated from a coding camp organized by CEO Vatsal Garg in 2019 designed to educate local New Jersey middle school students. A simple 15-hour, one week, Basics of Python camp. Yet, it didn’t become that simple, did it?

NexGen Coding

2 months later, Mr. Garg had the honor of expanding his educational camps to teaching underprivileged students in Newark, NJ — the experience served as an integral catalyst in making Mr. Garg aware of the opportunity inequality prevalent around him. The students were deprived of resources that members of his community had taken for granted their entire lives. Upon further research, Mr. Garg quickly realized that more than half of US high schools do not offer any form of computer science coursework. The revelation that two equally capable children could have significantly different career trajectories simply because of disparities in educational opportunities shocked him.

Fast forward 3 years and Mr. Garg founded NexGen Coding; an organization designed to combat these inequities by providing essential technology education to marginalized groups globally. Since its inception, NexGen has already expanded into over 12 states impacting approximately 350 students across two countries. We currently have a team of 20 instructors in both the US and India and have already garnered 4 partnerships with multi-national outreach organizations.

While these numbers speak volumes to our organization’s capabilities, there is a much deeper impact that NexGen will continue to have on underrepresented communities. Other NGOs like the Elizabeth Coalition have applauded our work and said that NexGen Coding is unique in how we introduce a new way of thinking for underprivileged children. Our organization has transformed the perspective of these students from not knowing what computer science was to vehemently desiring to study it through post-secondary education. (Check it out in our interview!!)

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Going from a small group of students in a dining room to now a borderless organization, the NexGen team hopes to spread its mission until we provide children across the globe with a quality computer science education.